Welcome to my website, I hope you'll find some things here that you'll enjoy.  My songs are arranged loosely into numerous Albums of material that span pretty much my adult life since 1977.  That's more than 40 years of experiences put into songs!  I would describe  myself and my music as a singer- songwriter with a blend of folk, soft pop and soft rock styles.  I shoot for an Easy Listening/Ballad style, hopefully easy on the ears.

Many of the songs seem to always be a "work in progress" - I'll revisit them and fix small issues, record new tracks, remix, and upload the newest versions.  So, what you hear at any given time - is the latest version of that song that I've recorded, but maybe not the last.  However, as time goes by I am now hearing a much more "finished" sound to the songs and I'm more confident that the day is coming where the singles or an entire album will be ready for download very soon.

Sometimes I collaborate with others, and those songs have been very enjoyable for me.   Besides writing some songs together, I've  been very excited to work with several female vocalists who have helped me to breathe life into songs that were written for and originally intended for, either lead or background female vocals.   These talented vocalists have contributed work that allows me to listen to my own songs without being annoyed or overly critical of my own vocals.  

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John      content updated:  Apr 2024