Guest Artists - Singers & Songwriters


Abigail Strickland is from South Africa, and has recently joined the artists on one of the most popular online musician sites, offering her vocal skills to songwriters and recording artists.   Everyone she has done vocal work for has left rave reviews.  Abigail is English speaking, and can perform and record lead and background vocals, harmonies, and voice-over work. 

She adds: "Living in South Africa is really nice! It's very beautiful and peaceful here where I live. I grew up in the middle of nowhere, on a tiny farm with lots of cows and chickens!  I have a large family - my parents had 7 children - so we grew up singing together.  We did a lot of choir music, as my dad is a singer and a classical guitarist, so I've always loved and enjoyed singing!" 

Meeting Abigail online has been one of the most fortunate events that has happened within my recent songwriting and recording development.  She has already completed a steady stream of great lead and harmony vocal work that has helped to bring more sparkle and energy to many of my songs. I am very excited to continue working with Abigail, and wholeheartedly welcome her into this virtual band of "Free After 5"!



Jessica is a singer based in Malta,  who was born on 5th Feb and raised in Ħaż-Żebbuġ.   Jessica’s singing career started way back in 2002.  
She  takes singing technique very seriously.   To this end, she has been attending singing lessons at   The Vocal Booth under the tutelage of vocal coach Pamela Bezzina,  since June 2013.

Jessica has gained a ‘Distinction’ Grade in Trinity College Rock & Pop Exam Grade 3 and Grade 5.   She was one of the 18 finalists in the 41st edition of L-Għanja tal-Poplu 2017 with the song Meta r-Ramel jitħallat mas-Silġ, composed by Pamela Bezzina and written by Paul Ellul.   Jessica placed 1st in this prestigious concert.   She was accompanied by a 40 piece orchestra conducted by Mro. Paul Abela and Mro.Joe Brown.   Jessica has accumulated a lot of experience as a backing vocalist by taking part in the annual concert Strummin.   Also, she works as a session backing vocalists with various solo singers.  

Jessica’s debut single Fearless was launched on 13th March 2019 followed by her second single Break the Silence on 20th October 2020 on all social media, streaming platforms and also aired on various Radio and TV Stations.  These two singles was written by Jessica herself and produced at Somnio Recording Studio by Cyprian Cassar and at WickedandLoud Studios by Matteo Depares. She is currently working on releasing more original material soon. 

During September 2020, Jessica participated in the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2020.  Jessica accepted to sing the song Is-Silenzju Jinkiser Mill-Ġdid lyrics by Etienne Micallef and music by Eliana Gomez Blanco after Danica Muscat decided to drop the song.    In 2020 & 2021 and for this FreeAfter5  collection of original music,  Jessica has been adding her vocal skills to Albums 4 & 5 with fabulous Contemporary Christian performances.