Guest Artists - Singers & Songwriters

LIEL BAR-Z  :  Vocalist

Liel is a young singer/ songwriter and producer, residing in Tel Aviv, Israel with her family.  Having recently opened her own recording studio, Liel has been branching out and recording vocals for various lyricists as well as working on her first album- both in Hebrew and in English!

Liel and I met on the musician site AirGigs, and to date she's done the  lead vocals on enough of my songs to fill an album by herself!


Emily is a musician who has been involved in a number of bands, 
teaches voice lessons, writes music, and performs locally in the NY upstate area.

 We met on the musician site BandMix.  Emily is a joy to work with, and has a wonderful range that allows her to give many of my songs a  special touch in a higher range,  that just adds a particular sparkle!



MIKAEL SCHULIN :  Songwriter

Mikael lives in Sweden, and we met online at the Cakewalk forum where we share our common interests of songwriting and recording songs using the Sonar software.  We admired each others work and one day Mikael asked me to write lyrics for an instrumental song he composed called "Silence", and to sing the vocals.  It was great fun. 
"Silence" was our first collaboration and it was well reviewed by our peers on the forum.  We have since collaborated on numerous other works, to include "If I Had It All", "Able To Love Again", and "Leaving You With This Song". One of Mikael's instrumental works also became a "Variation On Pocketful Of Songs".  Mikael has many other interests, including wildlife photography and practicing medicine, and he cares deeply about environmental issues.