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Lyrics: Album # 1 -

A Pocketful Of Songs

   Album #1 - A Pocketful Of Songs         lyrics - A Pocketful Of Songs
Genre:  Easy Listening
        lyrics - Walk With Me
        lyrics - Tomorrow
        lyrics - Between The Lines With You
        lyrics - For The Lady
        lyrics - Love Is In Your Eyes 
        lyrics - Song For A Cowboy
        lyrics - Winding Roads
        lyrics - Waiting For You 
        lyrics - Girl With The Sun In Her Hair 
        lyrics - The Muse Is Sleeping 
        lyrics - Rainbow Castle
        lyrics - Lean On Me
        lyrics - Waited All My Life
        lyrics - (Bonus Track)  Variation of: A Pocketful Of Songs 






 A Pocketful Of Songs, Love Is In Your Eyes, Girl With The Sun In Her Hair, & Lean On Me:  vocals by Abigail Strickland
A Pocketful Of Songs,  Love Is In Your Eyes:  acoustic & bass guitar by Hugo LaNauEstudi
 For The Lady, Waiting For You, Waited All My Life:  female vocals by Emily Eileen Herring
For The Lady:  acoustic guitar by Jack Haigh
 Bonus Track: Variation of A Pocketful Of Songs:   music by Mikael Schulin


Lyrics: Album # 2 -

If You're Looking For Magic

Album #2 - If You're Looking For Magic      lyrics - If You're Looking For Magic

 genre :  Easy Listening
     lyrics - Blue Velvet Morning
     lyrics - Lady Of The Dawn
     lyrics - Too Far Away
     lyrics - I Once Had A Dream
     lyrics - Rocks In The Road
     lyrics - Genie In The Bottle
     lyrics - Along The Road
     lyrics - Was It Yesterday?
     lyrics - The Way The Picture Reads
     lyrics - Along For The Ride
     lyrics - Of Your Smile
     lyrics - Drinkin' Again
     lyrics - A Little Bit Of Me
     lyrics - (Bonus Track) See Me Some Country






If You're Looking For Magic - acoustic guitar: Ian Gregory Blain
Blue Velvet Morning, Was It Yesterday -  vocals by Emily Eileen Herring
If You're Looking For Magic, I Once Had A DreamA Little Bit Of Me - vocals by Abigail Strickland
 Rocks In The Road - lyrics written by Steve Kuryla
 Genie In The Bottle - Genie vocals by Abigail Strickland
 The Way The Picture Reads - lyrics written by R. Neal Gracey, lead vocals by Abigail Strickland
Bonus Track: See Me Some Country - co-written by Steve Kuryla & John Dandrea


Lyrics: Album # 3 -

Keepin'  Time

Album # 3 -  Keepin'  Time      lyrics - Keepin' Time 
genre :  Easy Listening
     lyrics - A Long Time Ago 
     lyrics - Movin' On 
     lyrics - More Than You'll Ever Know 
     lyrics - Iron City Shuffle   (Inst)  
     lyrics - Watching Over Me 
     lyrics - Forever Roses    (Inst)  
     lyrics - Long Time Waiting 
     lyrics - The Day Could've Never Ended 
     lyrics - Eyes 
     lyrics - Butterfly Down  
     lyrics - Give Me Some Time 
     lyrics - You're Flyin' Me Too High    
     lyrics - When Our Eyes Meet 
     lyrics - (Bonus Track) Enough Time   






  Keepin' Time -  Acoustic Guitar- Jack Haigh; Electric- Sami Turu
Keepin' Time, Butterfly Down, You're Flyin' Me Too High, When Our Eyes Meet - lyrics written by R. Neal Gracey
A Long Time Ago, Watching Over Me, Long Time Waiting,
The Day Could Have Never Ended, More Than You'll Ever Know -  vocals by Abigail Strickland


Lyrics: Album # 4 -

On A Wing And A Prayer

Album #4 - On A Wing And A Prayer      lyrics - On A Wing And A Prayer

genre :  Contemporary Christian
     lyrics - Things I Know
     lyrics - Just The Thought Of You
     lyrics - An Empty Tomb
     lyrics - Stillness Of The Dawn
     lyrics - On My Knees
     lyrics - Somewhere Down The Road
     lyrics - We Lift Our Praise
     lyrics - If Love Can Be Found (Inst)
     lyrics - Potter's Wheel
     lyrics - A Joyful Sound
     lyrics - Always True
     lyrics - The Rainbow Bridge
    lyrics - The End Of The Day
   lyrics - (Bonus Track)  On A Wing And A Prayer (inst)






Things I Know : vocals by Tom Bedlam
An Empty Tomb, Somewhere Down The Road : lead & harmony vocals by Jessica Magro
On A Wing And A Prayer, Just The Thought Of You, On My Knees, Potter's Wheel : all vocals by Abigail Strickland
Stillness of the Dawn : duet with Emily Eileen Herring
Always True : background vocals by Emily Eileen Herring


Lyrics: Album # 5 -

Sometime, Somewhere

    Album #5 -  Sometime,  Somewhere       lyrics - Sometime, Somewhere
genre : Contemporary Christian
      lyrics - Gathered Here
      lyrics - Three Crosses
      lyrics - The Power Of Prayer
      lyrics - In His Grace
      lyrics - Love On Your Doorstep
      lyrics - Moonlight Lace (Inst)
      lyrics - Passion For Love
      lyrics - Losing Ground
      lyrics - Take It From Me
      lyrics - Able To Love Again
      lyrics - So Thankful Inside
      lyrics - Dakota's Song  (Inst)
      lyrics - Walking With Angels  (Inst)
      lyrics - (Bonus Track) Leaving You With This Song

   credits :
Sometime, Somewhere - duet with Jessica Magro
In His Grace - lead & harmony vocals by Jessica Magro
The Power of Prayer, & Love On Your Doorstep - lead & harmony vocals by Abigail Strickland

   Able To Love Again, &  Leaving You With This Song - music by Mikael Schulin.

Lyrics: Album # 6 -

Jelly Beans & Other Children's Songs

 Album #6 - Jelly Beans/Children's Songs      lyrics - A Jelly Bean Song
genre : Children's Songs
     lyrics - Chalk On The Sidewalk    
     lyrics - It's Raining Today
     lyrics - One Sock Off
     lyrics - You're So Special
     lyrics - If I Had It All
     lyrics - Play With Me
     lyrics - What's Up In The Sky?
     lyrics - Laughter In My Heart
     lyrics - You're Just Like Me
     lyrics - Giveaways Come Back
     lyrics - Rainbow In Your Shoe
     lyrics - Hugs, Like Bugs
     lyrics - Kisses
     lyrics - (Bonus Track)  My Great Big Yellow Sponge

   credits :
   If I Had It All - music by Mikael Schulin; 
                          Mikael Schulin acoustic guitars, piano.  Stefan Wernborg: jazz guitar, drums, piano
   Chalk on the Sidewalk,  It's Raining Today, One Sock Off,  You're So Special, Play With Me, You're Just Like Me,
Laughter In My Heart, What's Up In The Sky?, Giveaways Come Back, Hugs, Like Bugs
- vocals by Abigail Strickland
Kisses, My Great Big Yellow Sponge - child's voice part:  Abigail Strickland


Lyrics: Album # 7 -

The Way I Think Of You

Album #7 - The Way I Think Of You       lyrics - The Way I Think Of You

genre : Easy Listening
      lyrics - Even So, My Love
      lyrics - Moments With A Princess (Inst)
      lyrics - (I Never Met) Anyone Like You
      lyrics - Silence
      lyrics - Since I Met You
      lyrics - Carolina Shore
      lyrics - Lighthouse In The Night
      lyrics - Night Meets The Day
      lyrics - Whispering Goodbye  (Inst)
      lyrics -  In The Middle Of My Heart
      lyrics - Tugging At Your Heart
      lyrics - At Least A Thousand Years
      lyrics - Never Be The Same
      lyrics - (Bonus Track, TBD)






credits :    
Silence - music by Mikael Schulin    
The Way I Think Of You; Even So, My Love; Since I Met You;    
Lighthouse In The Night; In The Middle Of My Heart; At Least A Thousand Years - vocals by Abigail Strickland    


Lyrics: Album #8 -

Blue, Faded Like Bluejeans

Album # 8:  Blue, Faded Like Bluejeans    lyrics - Blue, Faded Like Bluejeans



genre : Easy Listening
   lyrics - Didn't Apply To You
   lyrics - Forward Through The Storm
   lyrics - Before I Go
   lyrics - Just A Bit Of Love
   lyrics - Walking Down That  Road Once Again
   lyrics - To Be Near You Again
   lyrics - One More Road
   lyrics - If She Knew Her Mind (Inst)




Didn't Apply To You, Forward Through the Storm, Just A Bit Of Love  - vocals by Abigail Strickland    
bonus track: Didn't Apply To You, live acoustic version -   Mikael Schulin: acoustic and bass guitars and drum programming.

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