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OCT - NOV 2019 

Wrote, recorded and uploaded a new song with lyrics for Album 8, the song is called  "To Be Near You Again".    It's a piano ballad, with very special meaning and lyrics.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!    Next, I wrote and recorded the song "One More Road", a dedication to our hard-working drivers of the big trucks, keeping our country running. 

AUG - SEP 2019 

Sep 30 -  Finally I've added "Rainbow Castle" to my music video collection!  One of my very favorites - hope you enjoy it as well!

Sep 14-24    I've added several more music videos!   "Love Is in Your Eyes", "Waiting For You", and "For The Lady" all are from Album #1  (A Pocketful Of Songs), and "Watching Over Me" from  Album #3 (Keepin' Time).  These represent my own video work now, and I'm no longer sending out to have them done - I wanted more control over the media selected, and the story-telling aspects.

Sep 1-2   I've completed two Instrumental songs that are very special to me,  Iron City Shuffle and Forever Roses, both are found on Album #3  Keepin' Time. 

I've begun to experiment with having music videos done up to several of my songs.  It isn't the same as the composer or singer being IN the video of course, but then again, I've always been a bit camera-shy! 
I started with a video made to my song "Along The Road"  from  Album  #2  (If You're Looking For Magic),  which I believe came out very nicely!   The videos are in full 1080p, and if you have sufficient internet bandwidth, you can view full screen!   (it will open up in a separate window).   A second video is just in, "Blue, Faded Like Bluejeans" from  Album #8. 

I'll keep you posted on these new developments here, on this News/Blog page.    Enjoy!!     ~  John

JUN - JUL 2019 

Uploaded a better mix of  "Watching Over Me" from  Album #3  Keepin' Time album.
Completed a recording of   "Things I Know"   from  Album #4 Wing and a Prayer!

Uploaded a better mix of  "(I Never Met) Anyone Like You"  of  Album #7.
Uploaded the song "Sometime, Somewhere", title track to the Contemporary Christian Album #5!
Uploaded the song "Along For The Ride", adding to the content of  Album #2.

Uploaded the song "Along The Road",  adding to the content of  Album #2. 

Just completed a recording of  "Ten Years From Now",  written by Steve Kuryla.  This special song is part of the collection I'm assembling on Album #3, Keepin' Time.  See the SongBits  menu for more details on the song!   Loved recording this one and it's one of Steve's best compositions.


APR - MAY 2019 

- uploaded another first-ever recording to  Album #3, "The Day Could Have Never Ended", featuring more work with the EZKeys piano application.  Very pleased with how this one came out, give a listen!

- uploaded new version of "Movin' On"  Album #3, as well as the first-ever recording of "Watching Over Me" also for  Album #3.   Both songs feature work done with the new EZKeys piano software and I am really enjoying working with this new tool.

- wow this has already been an exciting month for music production!  Just took the leap and purchased the "EZ Keys" piano sequencing tools and I am already working on recording "Sometime, Somewhere", the title track for  Album #5.  With new piano work on this one, I'm very excited already at the sound, and can't wait to unveil the finished recording very soon!   Plus:  3 more songs sent in for copyright so far this month!

Was just thinking.... now that I have the Song Bits page in place, I wish I could put in a LINK that would call up just a short CLIP of the song, while one is reading the background right there with the photo.   But none of my tests so far work the way I'd like, it sends you over to the Music page without letting you stay in place on the Song.   I'll keep checking into this !

- uploaded the song  "(I Never Met) Anyone Like You",  (Album #7)  dedicated to veterans everywhere.  This was a very special song for me and difficult to write.  The suicide rate among veterans is so ghastly high, and largely unknown to most people.  I really needed to record and post this song, and I'm pleased with the results.

-  uploaded the song "Winding Roads" and that's it for  Album #1!   Now begins the 6-8 week long process of reviewing and inspecting track-by-track and song by song, fixing problems and adding polish to the track and mix levels.  Once that's done, the Album can be released for download!   And from the looks of the volume, it'll be a  double-volume set jam-packed,  a whopping big downloaded album - complete with certain small special narration segments.  Getting there!!

- completed text and photo portions of the Song Bits  Album #7 -  that's  Albums 1 thru 7 that are completed.  Lots of good behind-the-scenes comments there as well as some stunning photos, most by Shutterstock, used under license.   Enjoy!

-  wrapping up April with the additional recording of "Tomorrow"!   Album #1 is nearly full-up now!

-  created a new mix of "Girl With The Sun In Her Hair" (Album #1) featuring Emma Harrop on chorus vocals!

Completed another song that was "missing" from  Album #1 all this time --  called  'Lean On Me', and again it features Liel on vocal lead and harmonies.  I'm super excited about how close  Album #1 is to having completed recordings to all 14 songs!  Once the final two songs take their place, I'll be doing a complete close-up inspection of every track on every song and  making adjustments and fixes, then remixing and mastering each.

Finally, guess what else is coming up very soon?   There's a new guest artist we'll introduce shortly!    She's a British singer who also happens to do awesome voice-over work!   Behind the scenes, she's already completed a script that I'm preparing to use for  Album #6,  the Children's Album.  Now in addition we're working on  Album #1 - mapping out some very special effects and readings that will create a consistent and magical effect to the theme!  Stay tuned.... ! 

MAR 2019 

Completed new recording for  Album #1,  Song For A Cowboy.  Written 1981, and finally recorded.....  first-ever fiddle part I added to any of my songs - just the right "Alabama" feel for this country-style song with a bit of rock beat.   Am pleased with how it came out.  Tired of having a lousy head and chest cold, and if it weren't for software tuning up my voice, there's no way it would have gotten recorded yet!   Onward & upwards....!

JAN - FEB 2019 

Update, Feb 20 - I've begun the new section called "Song Bits" which will display individual song photos and comments.  I'm building it live, so it is available to view already, as I continue to fill in photos and text!

Update, Feb 19 -  I posted a new recording into  Album #1 - The Muse Is Sleeping.  Written in 1979, this is the first time it's ever been recorded. . . . There's a great sense of personal satisfaction in seeing this song finally brought to life.  I'm very pleased with it, and I think you'll enjoy it as well.

I have completed the design page for my Guest Artists!  I'm very happy with it and I hope you'll enjoy checking it out!  Soon to come next:  a separate page for song pics and behind-the-scenes info on an individual song basis!

Jan 2019 : Wow, the new year is here, and for once I don't have the feeling that I didn't accomplish anything with my music!   New songs as well as old, are pouring out of the Studio here at a good clip, as well as keeping up with copyright submissions (and now it's 6-8 months average time to get those back?  whew!)

Album #8 is being fleshed out, as I've added another new song - Walking Down That Road Once Again.  It's got a country style and is the first time I used a new piece of software called Fingerpick, and the acoustic guitar track was a bit of work to get the way I wanted it.

I'm behind as usual, on the website redesign I have in mind for my Collaborators section - (which will be called "Guest Artists" now) - It's under way, I haven't forgotten about that!   Stay tuned - more good changes and additions are in the works!